Film Noir Friday: Kiss of Death (1947)

Henry Hathaway’s 1947 film Kiss of Death is notable for a number of reasons. Perhaps most famously, it features the debut of Richard Widmark and he essentially steals the show. It’s also notable for having been captured entirely on location, with the post-credits acknowledgment that “all scenes…were photographed…on the actual locale associated with the story.”

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Sex Tape (2014)

Sex Tape is one of the worst movies of 2014. It’s a terrifyingly bad “comedy,” one constructed without an ounce of artistic merit and without a shred of actual humour. It spends its 94 excruciating minutes tumbling through its own unctuous, clichéd sense of self and winds up landing with an awful and pointless thud.

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Hercules in New York (1969)

The one and only Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in Hercules in New York, a 1969 fantasy adventure from director Arthur Allen Seidelman. This is Schwarzenegger’s first starring role in a feature film and it is a doozy. He’s not proud of this picture and for good reason, as it’s essentially a debacle that only has value […]

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Network (1976)

A dazzling, unusually prescient motion picture, Sidney Lumet’s Network is one of those movies everyone has to see at least once. The 1976 satire won four Oscars and is both over the top and remarkably restrained. It highlights a world that is by now broadly known to anyone with cursory knowledge of cable news and […]

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Foxcatcher (2014)

Bennett Miller’s Foxcatcher is a complex film that traverses through a number of themes, but it’s more importantly a mood piece that evokes more than it confirms. Perhaps more than any other 2014 film, Foxcatcher explores the idea of the rich American white male as relates to privilege and expectation. It does so using true […]

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Executive Decision (1996)

Stuart Baird’s Executive Decision is an action thriller about the “world’s most feared terrorist” and a plane hijacking. This 1996 picture features a lot of different genre tropes, from the constant threat of a bomb to the rise of an implausible hero to the boundless tactical discussions of some sort of military strike force.

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A Good Man (2014)

One of the better Steven Seagal films of the last few years is 2014’s A Good Man, a picture that features director Keoni Waxman finally finding his groove and places the protagonist exactly where he needs to be. The flick is kind of a blend of everything Seagal has thrown at audiences over the last […]

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Kong Island (1968)

Known variously as Kong Island or King of Kong Island or even Eve, the Wild Woman, this 1968 exploitation film is a treat for fans of preposterous, moronic cinema. Roberto Mauri directs what is a gratingly stupid but somehow entertaining collection of stock footage, science fiction and jungle babe prancing and turns in about 90 […]

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The Book of Life (2014)

Jorge Gutierrez’s The Book of Life is a frustrating animated picture. It’s more visually inventive than most and it has a solid story at its core, but the plot takes too many turns and there’s an almost insufferable insistence on being “cool” that keeps it down. This is made all the more maddening by the […]

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Addicted (2014)

Like most erotic thrillers, Addicted exists in a world of make-believe. The 2014 motion picture is based on the novel of the same name by the author Zane, whose other works have been turned into Cinemax programs. Addicted feels like one of those Cinemax programs, complete with monotonous camerawork and muggy but half-hearted erotica.

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Gutshot Straight (2014)

Somewhere in the bizarre neo-noir that is Justin Steele’s 2014 film Gutshot Straight is Steven Seagal smoking a big cigar and carrying a drawling accent. He’s not the star of the show by any extent, but seeing him is interesting. It’s as though Seagal enjoyed playing a gangster in 2013’s Force of Execution but only had […]

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Cake (2014)

There are a few things to get out of the way before digging into Daniel Barnz’s Cake. First, it’s long past time to do away the notion that a woman is “bold” for taking a role that requires her to “play ugly.” Going without makeup should no longer be viewed as some sort of brave […]

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A Most Violent Year (2014)

Director J. C. Chandor has run the gamut between the very busy Margin Call and the very solitary All Is Lost. The former was an exciting Wall Street thriller, while the latter featured Robert Redford and his boat. Chandor’s latest, 2014’s A Most Violent Year, is paced somewhere between the two. It’s a slow-burning crime […]

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American Sniper (2014)

Clint Eastwood’s American Sniper is a stunning example of the power of cinematic craftsmanship. The 2014 motion picture has become a political football for many Americans, with all manner of opportunists using it to make one point or another. But the film itself is more meditative than the vehemence suggests, with Eastwood constructing a restrained […]

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Force of Execution (2013)

Steven Seagal and director Keoni Waxman are together again with 2013’s Force of Execution, a direct-to-video release that’s unique in a lot of ways when compared to the star’s recent output. For one, he’s got a goatee. That may seem insignificant for the uninitiated, but this black scruff of hair does provide a touch of […]

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