GOLDEN NINJA WARRIOR is sleazy and dark. Likely directed by Godfrey Ho, this 1986 martial arts flick veers so messily from entertaining to downright disturbing that it’s hard to get a handle on it. Ho spares little in his depictions of sexual violence, dealing a corrosive hand to scenes that drag too long. In other […]

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Review: THE NUN (2018)

THE NUN is a spin-off of THE CONJURING 2. Chronologically, it is the first entry in the CONJURING extended universe. On its own, THE NUN is a halfway operative horror with plenty of impulsive scares to keep the ball rolling. As part of the series, it’s just another brick in the wall. Directed by Corin […]

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Review: RAMPAGE (2018)

RAMPAGE is at its very best when it sticks to the basics, when it sets its creatures loose and lets them smash and fling their way through Chicago. And for the most part, that’s exactly what director Brad Peyton does. For a video game flick, this 2018 outing gets it mostly right and doesn’t spend […]

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Review: DEATH WISH (2018)

At first blush, the 2018 remake of DEATH WISH at the hands of Eli Roth is pretty simplistic. The 1974 original, starring Charles Bronson, is iconic for all the right or wrong reasons as the ultimate vigilante movie. Roth’s take on the Michael Winner flick and Brian Garfield novel is not destined for iconic status […]

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Review: SKYSCRAPER (2018)

If TOMB RAIDER is an example of formula done to standard results, SKYSCRAPER is an example of formula done to slightly better effect. This 2018 movie is every bit as imitative as it looks, with writer/director Rawson Marshall Thurber and star Dwayne Johnson steering through a DIE HARD/TOWERING INFERNO-style plot that reads best as a […]

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Review: TOMB RAIDER (2018)

Directed by Roar Uthaug, TOMB RAIDER is an adaptation of the 2013 video game of the same name and a reboot of the film series that began in 2001. The 2013 video game is itself a reboot of the original video game series, which commenced in 1996 – more or less. This reboot of a […]

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The second outing in Cannon Films’ so-called “Ninja Trilogy,” 1983’s REVENGE OF THE NINJA follows Menahem Golan’s 1981 ENTER THE NINJA by being one of the best ninja movies of all time. That’s no small feat, but this Sam Firstenberg picture does just about everything well. It achieves all the obligatory camp for a 1980s […]

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Review: ENTER THE NINJA (1981)

Sometimes you really do have to go there to come back. In the case of 1981’s ENTER THE NINJA, the journey home is as much about male virility as it is anything else. Directed by The Cannon Group’s Menahem Golan and made out of a Mike Stone concept morphed through a Dick Desmond screenplay, this […]

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