Understanding how to find that gold in online sites

There are many reasons to purchase gold. You can read my other manual about buying gold online not through to observe those reasons. To sum up the other manual along with the reasons for not buying gold online since they are applicable for purchasing gold are:

  1. It is against the Rules of the sport.
  2. You will eventually get caught because Jagex is not searching for you but for the golden sellers. But when they find the gold sellers, they will find you.
  3. You would not only lose the account that you used to exchange to get the gold; you will lose all of your accounts related to your IP.
  4. You will lose the Gold you traded for when you lose your account.

Right now however if you even try to purchase Runescape gold you may not get what you purchased. The only auctions that the gold farmers are now listing are for auctions that have a selling price of less than 0.99 per record. The sole reason that the gold farmers do this is so they can get their auctions on the internet and use them for advertising their own ecommerce sites. They have absolutely no intention of selling you one million gp for 49 or 99 cents. Even in case you find yourself bidding on these stocks and winning you would not receive anything in return. More probable than not, Jagex will report the auction and it will be eliminated for violating Jagex’s policies. Then you will have paid to your gold and you will have very little if any recourse in getting your own money back.

Also if you look in the accounts which are trying to market Runescape Gold they are for the most part new accounts or accounts with quite little feedback.¬†Gather details from mentalitch.com that actually examine the feedback they have received you will understand that the gold sellers have only set up countless sham accounts and are providing each other bogus feedback to be able to bypass the rules. It is really a problem right now and Jagex is doing everything it can to fight it. So all these thousands Of stocks for Runescape Gold with starting bids of one cent are merely a scam and a means for the offending companies for the most part 3 or 4 key gold selling businesses¬† to receive their site advertised for cheap. It costs less for them to put bogus auctions up and use it for advertising than it does for them to use Google Ad Sense or Yahoo’s advertising mechanisms.