Review: GAMERA VS. JIGER (1970)

There is a big fight feel in the air with GAMERA VS. JIGER, a smackdown for the ages from 1970. This is the sixth movie in the giant turtle series, with Noriaki Yuasa once again in the director’s chair. The screenplay is by Fumi Takahashi and the cinematography by Akira Kitazaki captures every punch, kick, […]

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Review: GAMERA VS. GUIRON (1969)

Like the Wu-Tang Clan, Gamera is for the children. In GAMERA VS. GUIRON, the giant turtle is tasked with once again saving the day. This 1969 picture is directed by Noriaki Yuasa from a Fumi Takahashi screenplay and is the fifth entry in the series. It isn’t as condensed as GAMERA VS. VIRAS, but there […]

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Review: GAMERA VS. VIRAS (1968)

The kids aren’t alright in GAMERA VS. VIRAS, the fourth film in the giant turtle series. Noriaki Yuasa is again in the director’s chair, but this entry is more truncated than it needs to be. The 1968 picture, released as DESTROY ALL PLANETS in the United States, features a chunk of footage from the first […]

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Review: GAMERA VS. GYAOS (1967)

Gamera finds another adversary in GAMERA VS. GYAOS, the third movie in the giant turtle series. This outing is helmed by Noriaki Yuasa, who directed GAMERA: THE GIANT MONSTER in 1965. This 1967 release carries the American title RETURN OF THE GIANT MONSTERS and features a screenplay by Fumi Takahashi. As a kaiju movie, GAMERA […]

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Review: GAMERA VS. BARUGON (1966)

The giant turtle returns stronger than ever in GAMERA VS. BARUGON, the second entry in the GAMERA series. This kaiju flick is directed by Shigeo Tanaka from a screenplay by Nisan Takahashi. Released in the United States under the title WAR OF THE MONSTERS, this 1966 outing is half moral fable and half monster smackdown. […]

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