I decided on kicking off the holiday season with a bang and holding a HO-HO-HOLI-YULE-A-DO for my dear reader(s), but plans don’t always pan out.

I managed to somehow “acquire” a pinched nerve in my neck and have been pretty much out of commission for the last while. I’ll be on the mend for the next bit and everything’s had to take a backseat to this idiotic injury, including my paid writing gigs.

So, it is with disappointment that I’m scrapping the remainder of the HO-HO-HOLI-YULE-A-DO and announcing a formal break. My goal is to return full of vigour and whatnot come January.

Despite this setback, I’m happy to report that it’s been 11 years and counting since I’ve  been doing this. Those of you new to the site will notice a lack of, you know, stuff and may be surprised that this blog has been around so long. This post may explain the “rationale” behind it, plus it will reveal that I may actually have no clue how long this blog has been around.

Most importantly, thank you to my readers. Sincerely. I’ve been blessed to do this and have had a blast discussing movies and learning new things with you. Except Rick. I hate that guy.

So, that’s it until January. I wish you all a happy holiday season, whatever you may call it, and all the best in the year to come. More or less.


Jordan Richardson

13 thoughts on “Hiatus

  1. Sorry to hear about the pinched nerve – they’re painful! Hope you have a quick recovery and enjoy the festive season.

    Looking forward to movie reviews in the New Year. I haven’t seen many movies recently – I subscribed to Netflix this year and my viewing schedule has been filled with all seven seasons of Mad Men, then The Crown and I just finished watching Alias Grace, which was excellent.

  2. Pain is not a good way to blog. But you are persistent. Eleven years of movies. I wonder is it me or the quality of the movies gone down hill. I saw White Out on the television a while back and the real culprit was easy to figure out. I saw the new King Kong and yawned. The plot bordered on nonsense. Give me an old Sherlock Holmes with Nigel Bruce playing the bumbling old Watson or a Charlie Chan from Panama and I will watch it time and time again. The new stuff one showing and my appetite is filled. What say you?

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