Life is Sweet (1990)



Mike Leigh’s wonderful Life is Sweet is less a film about something and more a film about the thrust of life itself. It focuses on a family of four in North London as they try to eke their way through various curveballs and ongoing struggles. The performances are pitch-perfect, the dialogue crackles with realism, the comedy is at turns bleak and hysterical, and the movie winds up being life-affirming and intelligent.

Check out the rest of this review at Life is Sweet Criterion Collection DVD Review: The Chocolate Thrust of Life Itself at Cinema Sentries.

One thought on “Life is Sweet (1990)

  1. I’m pretty sure ‘Life’ should be a genre. I’ve often referred to a film as a ‘Life’ film. Those particular ones where you feel overly involved, and everything feels realistic. As opposed to just narrative.

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