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north October 25

Hitchmania: North by Northwest (1959)

Another Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece is 1959’s North by Northwest. This thriller is a tale of absorbing themes and characters built around some preposterous set pieces. It forms on Hitch’s common motif of mistaken identity, but inflates the material to almost silly heights and serves as another prime instance of “pure cinema.”

leeches October 12

Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959)

Co-produced by Gene and Roger Corman and directed by Bernard L. Kowalski, Attack of the Giant Leeches is a B-movie with a surprising amount of ideas. Often knocked for its terrible effects and some dull characters, this 1959 cheapie is the stuff of drive-in movie buffs and schlock aficionados.

abucketofblood September 03

A Bucket of Blood (1959)

Roger Corman’s A Bucket of Blood is an oft-hilarious comic horror picture that satirizes beatnik culture and the affected art world. Corman made the flick for just $50,000 over five days, but he never wanted to make a frank horror movie. Along with screenwriter Charles B. Griffith, the director hit the coffee house circuit on […]

letter never sent March 19

Letter Never Sent (1959)

Russian director Mikhail Kalatozov and cinematographer Sergey Urusevsky only worked together on three films, but each has left an indelible impression in the film world. The Cranes Are Flying (1957) and I Am Cuba (1964) are the more well-known, but Letter Never Sent (1959), also known as The Unsent Letter, is well worth a look, too. You can check out the rest […]

plan 9 2 October 29

Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959)

When I think of some of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, like The Ugly Truth or The Back-up Plan, I always come back to Plan 9 from Outer Space. This 1959 sci-fi horror from Ed Wood is largely included in discussions of the worst movies ever made, but there’s something unflappably fun about the […]

sleep August 22

Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Sleeping Beauty is the sixteenth animated feature in the so-called Walt Disney Classics collection and remains one of the most disappointing pictures of the bunch. The 1959 film didn’t do too well at the box office either, making enough of a negative impression on the Disney company to lead them to swear off of fairy […]

last summer December 03

Suddenly, Last Summer (1959)

Tennessee Williams’ one-act play Suddenly, Last Summer is given grand cinematic treatment by Joseph L. Mankiewicz in the 1959 film adaption. The picture is stunning from beginning to end, filled with staggering performances and terrific cinematography from Jack Hildyard. The Buxton Orr score, complete with the foundation laid by Malcolm Arnold, also helps increase the […]

pillowtalk November 09

Pillow Talk (1959)

Incredibly dated and oddly creepy, Pillow Talk is a vehicle for Rock Hudson’s good looks and Doris Day’s charm. Directed by Michael Gordon, the picture floats a truly weird story along with some outdated concepts about sex, women and relationships. It also features one of the most invasive and obnoxious soundtracks I’ve come across in […]

darby November 06

Darby O’Gill and the Little People (1959)

Walt Disney’s Darby O’Gill and the Little People is a charming little piece of work that celebrates the Irish folklore of Herminie Templeton Kavanagh. Directed by Robert Stevenson, Darby is a colourful motion picture that would eventually lead Sean Connery to his James Bond role and would feature some pretty darn advanced special effects for […]

good morning August 15

Good Morning (1959)

Yasujirō Ozu’s 1959 film Good Morning changes the game for the remarkable Japanese director. As one of his six films in colour, it stands as a sharp, satirical and surprisingly juvenile comedy seen primarily through the eyes of two young characters. This is significant when one considers that the majority of Ozu’s films are drawn […]

some like it hot September 25

Some Like It Hot (1959)

A sexy, bawdy film heaving with envelope-pushing gags and ludicrous humour, 1959’s classic Some Like It Hot is one of the best comedies of all time. This Billy Wilder film packs outrageous humour, satire, and ingenuity into its tight package, drawing the best Marilyn Monroe performance of all time and engaging its two comic leads […]


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